Aashish Sheshadri
Computer Scientist. Developer. Innovator.


I am a software engineer at PayPal working with Douglas Crockford and Danese Cooper on rethinking the web.

I completed my Masters in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. I was part of the Information Retrieval and Crowd Sourcing Lab headed by Prof. Matthew Lease. My research investigated methods to leverage human computation in large scale IR evaluation and statistical machine learning techniques to enable quality assurance in crowdsourced data. My thesis was co-supervised by Prof. Matthew Lease and Prof. Kristen Grauman.

My interests lie in sensing and percepion aspects of Information Retrieval, Computer Vision and Robotics. Especially in the use of Human-in-the-Loop systems to bridge the gap between machine and human intelligence.

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[24th Oct 2015] PayPal at OSCON, Amsterdam 2015: Keynote by Douglas Crockford introducing the Seif project.

[24th Oct 2015] SQUARE 2.0 released: Check out whats new.